CharlesSpot Ratings – Thanh Long

To give some background, Thanh Long is the first of the An Family restaurants which include another very popular establishment (and probably more well known) Crustaceans.  My overall experience from last night was pretty high up on my list.  Parking was easy (the place is kinda located in a residential area), it wasn’t overcrowded, and Laurie and I could have a conversation without yelling at each other.  Oh, and the food was pretty damn good too.  It included shrimp toast (a weird name, but delicious) and the standard roast crab and garlic noodles.  If you don’t order the garlic noodles, I would argue you are somewhat insane… or guess that you were allergic to noodles or garlic.  We ended up passing on dessert and settled for the banana & Nutella cake I made, which was sitting in the fridge back at Laurie’s place.

PROS:  garlicy food, pleasant atmosphere, hot girlfriend

CONS:  the Mark West Pinot wasn’t spectacular (but effectively turned my face red), distance driving for dinner

Again, for more opinions, check out Yelp.

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