Got some time?

Here is a great interview of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates done at the recent WSJ conference… If you are into technology, I highly recommend you watch these two visionaries. The entire interview is rather long so if you are short on time, here is the condensed version (which I thought wasn’t nearly as good

A Chinese Email

My dad has been on a role with his emails. Here is another one that he sent with a good message… (translated from Chinese)

A son and his father were walking on the mountains.
Suddenly, his son falls, hurts himself and screams: “AAAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”
To his surprise, he hears the voice repeating, somewhere in themountain: “AAAhhhhhh!!!”
Curious, he yells: “Who are you?”
He receives the answer: “Who are you?”
Angered at the response, he screams: “Coward!”
He receives the answer: “Coward!”
He looks to his father and asks: “What’s going on?”
The father smiles and says: “My son, pay attention.”
And then he screams to the mountain: “I admire you!”
The voice answers: “I admire you!”
Again the man screams: “You are a champion!”
The voice answers: “You are a champion!”
The boy is surprised, but does not understand.
Then the father explains: “People call this ECHO, but really this is LIFE.
It gives you back everything you say or do.
Our life is simply a reflection of our actions.
If you want more love in the world, create more love in your heart.
If you want more competence in your team, improve your competence.
This relationship applies to everything, in all aspects of life;
Life will give you back everything you have given to it.


What Color?

Thought this email from my dad was pretty interesting. If you have an preference on color, I think he is currently taking votes.

My dad’s initial email

Hi all,

I like to order this hat for me. Please pick a color.


My mom’s response

I like cream/sand (3rd one) NOT tan/everest.
Reason: better color to match all color of shirts. It is for summer so
ligter one is better.
Hope you won’t look “funny” when you wear this kind of hat.
You could check with your beloved daugher and son.