RIP Gadgets

RIP iPod and Cell Phone

Dear iPod and Cell Phone,

I am sorry I didn’t take better care of you when you were under my care. For all the many times I dropped either of you, stashed you into an uncomfortable bag, or pushed your buttons too hard… I’m sorry. We have had some awesome times together. I don’t know what I am going to do now without you iPod…. I was lost for a few days without you Cell Phone until Bryan gave me his old one. Thanks for sticking by me through thick an thin. I’ll always remember you both. RIP.

Inspired by Norman.

Thanks Blue Stallion

The Civic has officially been sold… as of last week. All the paperwork has been submitted to the DMV and the insurance has been replaced. Thanks Blue Stallion for all your hard work and dedication. May your new owner appreciate you as much as I did.

Warranty Defeated!

You know when you purchase something expensive, the sales guy always tries to sell you that extra warranty for some obsene amount of money? Well, I was taught never to buy them because they are a waste of money. However, when I bought my Apple Powerbook (the small 12 incher) back in college, I paid the extra money to get the three year AppleCare Service plan. At the time I thought I was just a sucker, and the only real motiviation I had to buy it in the first place was to appease my mom. For the next few years, my Powerbook worked fine. I eventually let my sister borrow it and that’s when the story becomes interesting. Due to unknown circumstances, the Powerbook “broke.” I have a feeling it had a not so nice encounter with the ground after someone… (which I am not accusing anyone here) dropped it. I got it back recently and discovered that the hard drive was pretty much a goner… A little depressed, I put the Powerbook away, thinking it was gone forever.

Boy was I wrong.

Thanks to Laurie, I discovered that my Applecare Warranty expires on September 3 this year! I brought it in to the Apple store and they basically said that all the repairs were covered at absolutely no cost! I played their tricky game of warranties and came out the victor! Just wanted to share my experience. Bottom line: if you are planning on investing in some pretty expensive hardware any time soon… you may want to think twice about the warranty.