I had an amazing spring break in Israel for the past 10 days. Three important things I learned:

1. Probably shouldn’t have worn my Bacon Hot Sauce t-shirt on the first day
2. You can eat a lot more hummus than you think. (i.e. every meal, every day… for 10 days)
3. Goldstar is a fantastic beer… not to mention that it is kosher too!

What a beautiful country… see more photos here.

Penthouse Photo Series

Samir and Kevin didn’t know about charlesspot until a few weeks ago and they gave me crap that I haven’t posted anything on here about them. In my defense, I didn’t post anything during the first semester, but I guess that really isn’t an excuse. So to appease those needy bastards, I am going to do a 3 part photo series. Also, despite the title of the post, this will be PG-13.

Soft Lips and Sunglasses

*photo compliments of Helen’s iphone

98 notches

Last Thursday I got to listen to Ursula Burns, the current CEO and Chairman of Xerox. I won’t repeat her story which you can read about on Wikipedia here, but I did jot down a few quotes that resonated. I’m not the type to keep a moleskin around, but I figure this blog is an alternative…

Where you are does not define who you are.”

“In life, you control 98 notches. The other 2, you can squash.”

“Let them see you sweat. Chill out… leaders don’t have to be perfect and infallible.”

Note: they may not be exact quotes but you get the idea.

Crazy about Comments


This is pretty much a dummy post so that I can test and play with the new FaceBook social comment plugin that was released today. I really should be doing something more productive…

Also, if you have commented on CharlesSpot in the past, I preserved the old comments, but to prevent confusion, you just can’t enter anymore…

WDYT about FBs social plugins?