Silly problems?

There are a lot of problems in the world, but the ones I am about to talk about are probably not the most important. You could argue that these “problems” are silly and stupid, but I really wonder how many people these issues really end up effecting….

Silly problem #1: (from Lijen) Why does the car door get jammed when you try and open it too early after someone unlocks it? I know I always feel silly gesturing to the driver that I was too much of an eager beaver to open the door….

Silly problem #2: The annoying postcards that they put in magazines. I am not sure how many people respond to those things, but they always end up falling on the ground or make it more difficult to turn the pages…. I am no direct marketer, but how many people read those things? Considering I PAID for the damn subscription, how many ads do they have to show me? I mean, every other page has some type of product on it already.

Silly problem #3: Paying gratuity at a Shabbu Shabbu joint (or any other self service food establishment).  I don’t get it.  Maybe I’m just cheap, but when I am cooking my own food and all the “waitress” does is bring you raw food… exactly what am I paying 15% for?  Same thing applies for a buffet.  I guess it makes a little more sense because they have to serve you a drink and take away your dirty plates… not sure I buy that either….