Blog Craze – will it end?

With Netvibes bookmarked and RSS feeds for almost everything, I find myself spending more of my free time reading what my friends are thinking, doing, eating… etc.  My blogroll is starting to grow with the blogs that I read which makes me wonder… will this blog craze end?

I hope not.

If you are thinking about starting one, I hope you do because I will be an eager subscriber.

Tahoe Christmas Craziness

If you want to go snowboarding and want to stay in Tahoe, try not going during the week of Christmas. Why? People get a little crazy by requiring 14 night minimums!!! That’s right. Basically they told me if I wanted to stay in the cabin over Christmas… then I’d have to stay for 2 weeks straight which makes our 3 day trip seem like a nap. What was funny was that the guy (his name was Max) politely asked me if there was “any way to make the trip longer.” I wanted to sarcastically answer back “actually Max, that is a great idea… I think we can stay another 11 nights. no problem.”

Anyway, just found the whole thing a little ridiculous. Also, keep the rain coming.

More rain = more virgin snow = more fun = smile on my face.

(this is where Bryan starts singing Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”)