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Random Work Fun

Dissed at work…

[14:56] sheena at work: i’m back
[15:00] sheena at work: :-(
[15:00] chrlez: haha, i’m here
[15:00] chrlez: sorry
[15:01] *** sheena at work has left the chat.
[15:01] KeyvanAtWork: ouch
[15:01] KeyvanAtWork: sheena dissed us
[15:01] chrlez: seriously
[15:01] chrlez: that punk

CPT Represent

AnnaMaL831 (8:14:06 PM): did young show the clip i had about the young girl from CPT who can beat box?
AnnaMaL831 (8:14:30 PM): keyword “CUPERTINO” … who would’ve know such ghettoness existed in cpt
chrlez (8:14:37 PM): hahahah
chrlez (8:14:42 PM): nope, i haven’t seen it
AnnaMaL831 (8:14:48 PM): email
AnnaMaL831 (8:14:50 PM): lemme send ova
AnnaMaL831 (8:16:52 PM): nm
AnnaMaL831 (8:16:53 PM):
chrlez (8:18:17 PM): wtf!


Don’t Let Him Trick You

liloutlaws (8:47:12 PM): jeebus i’m still at work
chrlez (8:47:43 PM): gawd why
chrlez (8:47:50 PM): trying to figure out the backup thing?
liloutlaws (9:08:56 PM): just enchancing some of my code
chrlez (9:09:01 PM): nice
liloutlaws (9:09:05 PM): i need to get this shit doen soon that’s why
chrlez (9:09:07 PM): dude, my ass you don’t like coding
liloutlaws (9:09:13 PM): coding is okay
chrlez (9:09:16 PM): hahahhahaha
liloutlaws (9:09:20 PM): i don’t hate it