Running Shoe Science

Who knew that running shoes could be so complicated. I recently decided to make a better effort to run more so I decided to treat myself to some better shoes. With a quick trip to Running Revolution, I discovered that there is an entire science to choosing the right running shoe… who knew it would be this complicated!? Some factors that my good friend Chris helped me discover:

– The arch is key. I have flat feet so specific shoes are better for my feet.
– Your running style is unique. I always knew that I was bow-legged but I had no idea how much it could influence my running style. Chris video taped me running on a treadmill and apparently the fact that I walk like a pigeon compensates for the fact I have flat feet which seemed “uncommon” based on Chris’s reaction.
– Size is both length and width. I have relatively wide feet and no two feet are shaped the same. As a result, the seems of the shoes should complement that shape… there shouldn’t be an “adjusting” needed.

I ended up with some Saucony shoes (never heard of them before). I don’t think they are particluarly “stylish” but I don’t really care. My feet are happier which is what matters.