Micronta Music

For those that have had the pleasure of riding in my car the past few days, you may have realized that I did not listen to music. No radio, no cds, no mp3 player.. nothing. The reason is because my car stereo decided to take a vacation and not inform me as to why. Thanks to Eddy and his old school Micronta 1000 Ohms/Volt Multitester, I was able to drag my stereo out of its hibernation. Woo hoo! I can now listen to La Romantica! [insert dance of joy here]

BTW, in case you were curious, the problem was a bad connector which was depriving my stereo of power.

Pure Genius!!

In today’s world, people are designing and making robots to manufacture plastic toys, to play chess, and to be robot pets. It takes pure Japanese ingenuity to create a robot that stores up to 6 beers and 2 glasses, keeps them cold, opens the beer, AND (here is the kicker) pours a perfect beer EVERY TIME.

You can own one yourself because Asahi is giving away 5,000 of them. All you have to do is kill your best friend to get it. Actually, it doesn’t require any crazy Naruto-esque activities, but you do have to collect 36 special seals on Asahi beers.

One Cool Contest

For any of you Mac fans out there or anyone up for a pretty cool challenge, there is currently a contest to see who can get Windows XP on the new Intel Mac. The guy that started the contest is putting in $100 of his own money to whoever can give him the instructions on how to do it. It looks like other people are also willing to pay because the last I checked, the pot was up to $2773!!! With that kind of money, you could essentially buy your own Macbook and my Honda Civic.

For all of those interested, check out the rules here. BTW, if you win, my ’98 civic will be ready for sale January 2007. Mark your calendars.

Hi Tech Hygiene

    Last Thanksgiving, while waiting in line for the ride Soarin’ Over California at Californa Disney, my mom asked the common question “What do you want for Christmas.” I usually dismiss the question by responding with “I don’t want anything for Christmas” but this time I requested a Sonicare toothbrush. I got my wish and I must say, if my teeth had feelings, they have never been happier.

    The Sonicare gently cleans your teeth, almost like a massage. It also makes brushing easier because it reduces the need to move the brush head back and forth. As a result, the hard to get areas (your back teeth, and the back of your teeth) are easier to clean. Also, there is a built in timer that signals to the brusher every 30 seconds. This actually forces me to consistently brush for 2.5 minutes every time.

    Bottom line, the Sonicare is worth it’s weight in gold.

    On a seperate note, I have updated the gallery with some new pictures from my past Taiwan trip. Here is an ultra fobby “teaser.”


Bowl Madness

Why were this years bowl games so buck wild? They were never this hyped up before… at least not from what I remember. On top of the fact that the games were crazy (Vince Young busting out on top of a triple overtime victory at the Orange Bowl), they had some superstar halftime shows which made them seem like “mini superbowls.” I guess people can’t get enough football….

Also, check this out. This would be mandatory if you were building the ultimate chill pad.