Beauty and the Geek?

I have been watching Beauty and the Geek this season and have become a fan… however, this past week I discovered from a trustworthy source, that one of the “geeks” is not a real geek. Apparently, this “geek” was a varsity soccer player AND dated a cheerleader. I don’t know how you guys define “geek” but that sure doesn’t sound like one to me….

I have always had this suspicion that the show “geekifies” the geeks in order to make their transformation more dramatic. This can also be referred to as the “She’s All That” effect. My theory is that the show has a lot of incentive to do this in order to make the show more entertaining and improve the possiblity of a geek & beauty romance which apparently also happens in the first season. Coincidence? I think not.

Anyway, I still am going to watch the show, but it is not as cool as I thought it was.

Don’t Let Him Trick You

liloutlaws (8:47:12 PM): jeebus i’m still at work
chrlez (8:47:43 PM): gawd why
chrlez (8:47:50 PM): trying to figure out the backup thing?
liloutlaws (9:08:56 PM): just enchancing some of my code
chrlez (9:09:01 PM): nice
liloutlaws (9:09:05 PM): i need to get this shit doen soon that’s why
chrlez (9:09:07 PM): dude, my ass you don’t like coding
liloutlaws (9:09:13 PM): coding is okay
chrlez (9:09:16 PM): hahahhahaha
liloutlaws (9:09:20 PM): i don’t hate it

New Comp & New Pics

I bought a new computer today. I won’t waste your time by telling you all the details, but I feel like it is a significant change in my life. It is a little sad to say goodbye to my old computer which I personally hand crafted as a senior in high school, but I already have some special plans for the old hardware…. I’ll keep you posted with the details once I figure them out.

Anyway, here is a cool picture of my coworkers and I on our Segway tour of SF. I had a pretty dope Segway with carbon fiber accents. The tour wasn’t all that interesting, but cruising around and getting pointed at by asian tourists made it worthwhile.
Segwaying it

Here are more pictures from our QuickBooks “Ship Trip”. Although it didn’t involve any boats, we rocked out at the Warfield in SF.
QuickBooks Rocks
Rocking out at the Warfield

The Gentlemen
The Gentlemen

My Hot Date
My hot date