Monster Mash 2006

Another Halloween and another great costume party. As I was driving up to SF with He-Man (Eiki), Prefontaine (Yuta), Alice in Wonderland (Lauren), and the Travelocity Gnome (Natalie), I realized that this holiday is one of my favorite days of the year (Most likely because I’ve had great back to back Halloweens). For more great photos, check out Young’s and Tony’s photos. Although my costume didn’t quite make it through the night, I had a great time. Hope everyone else had a fun Monster Mash weekend.

Also, in my opinion, Eiki with his hairy legs continues to be the reigning champion of Best Halloween Costume. If you can beat He-Man with the power of GraySkull, please send me links and photos. Thanks.

He-Man and the Power of GraySkull