I Esacaped… Again

This past Saturday I finished the annual South End Rowing Club Alcatraz Invitational… in record time (ok, I only swam it one other time). With wetsuit (thanks Jim!), ear plugs, Barracuda cap on… I escaped in 39 minutes which was faster than last year! Woo hoo!

I almost didn’t make the swim this year because I read the website incorrectly the night before and almost missed registration. Big thanks to Lij and Lu’s MDX, which helped me get to Aquatic Park in < 15 minutes. Some quick analysis comparing last year’s swim to this year’s. – The water was warmer this year. Either that or I have more blubber on me than last summer… – I was again beaten by more seasoned swimmers ranging in age up to 65!!. I pray I’m in that good shape when I’m 60+ – No run ins with sea animals, although I did get way off course and probably swam an extra quarter mile because of it. Sorry, no fun pictures from this year’s swim. If anyone (and I mean ANYONE) is interested in doing the swim with me next year… please don’t hesitate to call.