Random Work Fun

Dissed at work…

[14:56] sheena at work: i’m back
[15:00] sheena at work: :-(
[15:00] chrlez: haha, i’m here
[15:00] chrlez: sorry
[15:01] *** sheena at work has left the chat.
[15:01] KeyvanAtWork: ouch
[15:01] KeyvanAtWork: sheena dissed us
[15:01] chrlez: seriously
[15:01] chrlez: that punk

Wanna Join My Team?

Some of you might know my obsession with the lottery. I love to occassionally purchase a $1 Quickpick to potentially become a millionaire overnight (BTW, I did once match 4 numbers and won $100 bucks!), but generally I don’t get a single number. To me it isn’t so much about winning, but the chance to win. Plus, the money goes toward a good cause….

Anyway, I am starting a team…
JackPot Captain

Yes that’s right, I’m an official JackPot Captain. I’m still waiting for them to ship me my official Captain kit (hat, billboard, payslip/money holder, and whistle).. but if you are interested, let me know and i’ll let you know when the jackpot gets over $50 million.

Vampire or Werewolf?

So in Underworld (the movie), there are vampires and werewolves that pretty much duke it out. I was thinking the other day… if I were in the movie, which one would I be? My gut reaction was that I would probably be a vampire because I already have fangs and because I’d like to hang out with Seline (aka Kate Beckinsale). When I asked Laurie, she also said vampire which got me thinking… why were there no girl werewolves? I’m trying to imagine a hot girl (like Selene’s twin sister or something) that could turn into a more slender (and probably less hairy) werewolf, but I am having a hard time.

Which one would you be? Vampire or werewolf?