TicketMaster owns me

Ticketmaster.com doesn’t like me or my computers. Here are two stories to illustrate this hatred… don’t worry they are completely rationale and logical.

1. Not sure if you guys remember… but I saw this HBO comedy special which cracked me up about two years ago. At the time, all I could find about Flight of the Conchords was a fan website called What The Folk and some youtube videos… no HBO special, no official website, nothing… So when I discovered they were coming to SF, I was pumped. Let’s just say my “flight” got cancelled by you guessed it.. Ticketmaster. The darn thing sold out with the quickness.

2. Sharks playoff tickets. Tickets go on sale last Thursday and I was left empty handed. Not sure how my coworker was able to purchase tickets but the fact that we went winless doesn’t bode well. Praying there will be a Game 5 so I can go up against the Ticketmaster one more time… Go Sharks!

Run CharlesSpot Run

Ok.. maybe more like a slow jog…

This past weekend, I “ran” my first half marathon – the Golden Gate Headlands Half Marathon. Technically, according to the standings, I never actually finished. Sadly, they just read my bib number wrong… you will have to just take my word for it. Two weeks of intense training with Lijen that involved waking up early and doing a mix of ballpark and hill runs really helped get me physically and mentally prepared.

I won’t ever consider myself a runner but I must admit that a few good miles sometimes feels really good and does wonders for your energy. In case you want to do some hiking in the Marin Headlands, this trail is an awesome place with some beautiful views of the ocean, the Golden Gate bridge, and a nice rock beach to have some grub… or for those more adventurous, you can run your own half marathon =).

UPDATE: Here are some photos of the event.