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Planning on heading back to business school? is fantastic resource and community of people that can not only give you great GMAT tips but help you figure out what business school is all about.

For starters, here is a great intro slideshow…

MBA Admissions Process – Get more Business Documents

The Best Job in the World

My coworker sent this to me yesterday which I thought was brilliant.

What you get:
1. Airfaire. They get you there and send you home.
2. 3 bedroom house. Wonder if you could get roomates…?
3. 6 months of activities. i.e. snorkeling, kayaking, taking lots of pictures…
4. $150,000 AUD which translates to $99,870 USD according to Google.

What you have to do:
1. Explore and post Basically do fun stuff and then post and talk about them.
2. Feed the fish. I had a goldfish before. This shouldn’t be that hard.
3. Clean the pool. Probably the crappiest part of the job…
4. Collect the mail. Who knows, the mail-woman might super hot and smart…

Not bad for 6 months of your life…

Past to Present 2009

The great thing about a blog is that you can keep track of stuff that happened a long time ago… Let’s take a look into the past and see some CharlesSpot blogs from years ago (crazy how long I have had this thing…)

– Jan 6, 2006 – Bowl Madness
– Jan 3, 2007 – SBFF XII with a quick follow up on Jan 4, 2007… For Auld Lang Syne.
– Jan 2, 2008 – Happy New Year. Looks like things with vDream were just getting ramped up. My how things have changed.

For this year, I already have several 2009 resolutions. I stole a couple of them… but overall I’m excited for 2009. I have no idea what the new year will bring and I’m sure I’ll be completely caught off guard when the fireworks go off in 2010. Somebody told me that just means I am getting old. I just think it means I tend to have too much fun…

1. Be more active. Active is loosely defined as getting outdoors more, being physically fit, and trying new things.
2. Blogging more. Did you know that my last blog was back in November 2008 and the one before was in September. Lame no more.
3. Laugh a lot. Should be self explanatory.
4. Take more pictures. I like pictures. I didn’t take enough in 2008.
5. ….?