Mussel Madness

A few weeks ago, Bert, Monica, Lij and I headed to Half Moon Bay to check out a negative tide. I don’t really know the specifics but it is where the water level is extremely low so you can check out small tide pools and find some pretty interesting animals. We ended “finding” (i.e. someone else found them and dumped them and then we picked them up) some mussels and decided that it would be a fantastic meal to steam them up with lots of butter and garlic.

Things we learned the following day regarding mussels.
1. They can KILL you. Yes, wild mussels can kill you.
2. There is a convenient hotline number. Yes, we called it.
3. Ripping off the “mustache” of the mussel is pretty darn hard.
4. Mussels are best enjoyed with friends.