My Horoscope…

“Analytics will not help you in your love life. Just feel.” – my horoscope on a random TV screen in Jumpin Java

I recently listened to an episode of This American Life that described the statistics behind finding “the one.” A Harvard Phd student described the sad and sobering stats that him and the other physicists calculated. I was originally planning on doing my own calculation for the SF bay area… but when I saw my horoscope I have decided not to…

I did however dig up some good stats for the calculation. Not everyone has the same requirements but for me, things weren’t looking that great…
– 7.5M people in the SF bay area
– ~40% are between the age of 18 – 39 (yea, I know this is a pretty big age range, but I was trying to have an open mind)
– ~30% have a bachelors degree or higher

A few stats that I haven’t been able to find… and perhaps for the better:
– How many are women? I’m guessing this can’t be that good…
– How many of those women are single? This might be better than other parts of the country…
– How many are shorter than me? Yes, I have a weird complex.

Double the Fun

I know I missed last week’s weekly photo so I did double duty this weekend to make sure I took enough photos to have 2. Here are two of my favorites I took from walking around the neighborhood on a drizzly but bearable Sunday afternoon.

Colorful Hydrant
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Dream Porch
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