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Island Hopping (3) – Osaka and Himeji

Happy New Years! To help bring in the new year, some more Japan photos…

From Kyoto, we headed to Himeji for the day to check out the castle there and then back to a modern Osaka. Here are a few things we took away from these two cities.

  • Japanese castles are seriously amazing. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves
  • Riding bikes around Japanese castles is even more fun than it sounds
  • It is really clean… everywhere
  • Blowfish is not bad… and hardly as dangerous as the Simpsons makes it out to be
  • Confused why they get small Japanese women to carry luggage to our room… it not only didn’t feel right, but she probably couldn’t even lift our bags anyway
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more neon lights in Osaka than in Las Vegas

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