Me and the Big Apple

NY is an amazing city. Here are a few places that I was fortunate to visit. Many of the eateries might sound familiar as they are the same joints I ate at the last time I was in the Big Apple. My trip finished in Boston with a nice graduation celebration for big B. Congrats man, welcome back to the west coast.

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I posted some of my photos from New York and Boston… more to come later when I download the other camera shots…

Project Michelle

Help Michelle

My friend Michelle needs your help. Here are some simple ways you can help out…

Get Registered. Some simple paperwork and a cheek swab could save a life. Here’s how:
1. Find a local drive – Check out the following calendar for information about drives in your area.
2. Order a home kit – If you are a minority in the US, you can order on of these FREE kits. Trust me, this kit is simple. A few cotton q-tips, some paperwork, and 10 minutes of your time. Please indicate in the additional notes box of your test materials “For Michelle Maykin. To be expedited.”.

Organize a Drive
Have a good idea to reach more people? Coworkers, friends, family… learn more on how to do this here.

Spread the Word
An email, conversation, phone call…. or even a blog post can make a difference.