8 Years of Blogging

According to CharlesSpot archives, I have been blogging since 2005, BUT what you might not know is that I have been writing my “clever” thoughts and documenting my “exciting” life for even longer.

Yes. I have been blogging for over 8 years. I just didn’t realize it until I was reminded of my Xanga!! For those that were uber-geeks back in the day, you might remember what the hell that is. To bring it back old school, here is my post from June 5, 2002.

well, i am here at work right now with not much to do so i decided to create one of these XANGA things cause i got addicted to reading other people’s. so i was thinkin how people hate on engineers so much but its not even that bad. you go to meetings, talk about random things half the time you are at work, and when you are sick of talking to the guy in the next cubicle, you do some work. if your fellow engineers are cool people or there are some cute receptionists around (sadly there aren’t) then you are set for life with a good salary. just a thought. ok let’s see if this thing works…

My things have changed…

This Much I Know is True

I went to a talk by this guy named Panos who started a company called sonicbids.com in 1991. During the talk, I wrote down some quotes on a napkin… I just found that napkin sitting underneath a pile of papers on my desk.

So, instead of just throwing the napkin away, I want to write them down. Maybe they’ll come in handy one day…

Personal Development

“Learn what you suck at early.”

Starting a company

“All I need is one. The anchor date is what we called it when I was an agent booking a music tour.”

Building teams

“Be the least talented person you know.”

Running a business

“No one knows what they are doing. Not even me. Everyone is just trying to figure it out.”