The Ride to LA

Instead of escaping from Alcatraz (i.e. 1, 2, 3) this year, my fun/extreme activity for the summer is to ride to LA from SF. I hope my legs hold up…

Tomorrow is Day 1. Let the ride begin.
Day 1: SF to Santa Cruz
Day 2: Santa Cruz to Big Sur
Day 3: Big Sur to Big Sur 2
Day 4: Big Sur 2 to San Simeon
Day 5: San Simeon to Oceano
Day 6: Oceano to Gaviota
Day 7: Gaviota to McGrath (1) Gaviota to McGrath (2)
Day 8: McGrath to Santa Monica

*Note: The Gaviota to McGrath is broken up into two parts, because Google maps didn’t let me go on highway 1 for bike maps even though my book instructed to do so. As a result it is ~5 miles short.

Swagger Wagon Wedding

I rolled with Lan and Dexter to Susan’s wedding this past weekend in my own swagger wagon. Congrats Michael and Susan! Here are my favorite photos from the beautiful ceremony.

Also, in case you need even more eye candy, I have also included the official Swagger Wagon video. Thanks Lan.