The Ride to LA

Instead of escaping from Alcatraz (i.e. 1, 2, 3) this year, my fun/extreme activity for the summer is to ride to LA from SF. I hope my legs hold up…

Tomorrow is Day 1. Let the ride begin.
Day 1: SF to Santa Cruz
Day 2: Santa Cruz to Big Sur
Day 3: Big Sur to Big Sur 2
Day 4: Big Sur 2 to San Simeon
Day 5: San Simeon to Oceano
Day 6: Oceano to Gaviota
Day 7: Gaviota to McGrath (1) Gaviota to McGrath (2)
Day 8: McGrath to Santa Monica

*Note: The Gaviota to McGrath is broken up into two parts, because Google maps didn’t let me go on highway 1 for bike maps even though my book instructed to do so. As a result it is ~5 miles short.