CharlesSpot Ratings – Eat Drink Man Woman

Overall a great movie.  It is one of the most memorable Chinese movies I have seen.  The cover brags that the movie has the same producer as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but the reality is that this movie has none of the typical Chinese stuff you see in the mainstream American media.  There is no Jet Li.  There is no Zhang Zi Yi.  Any yes Sharjeel, Jackie Chan isn’t jumping around and doing that weird neck dance that Chris Tucker taught him.  I guess that is what makes it so memorable.  If you want another rating, here is what Rotten Tomatoes has to say.

PROS:  Overall, I found the plot to be very entertaining.  I was even feeling a little emotional at the end.

CONS:  Don’t watch the movie if you are hungry.  The father in the movie is a chef so he makes some really good looking food…. which might actually make this a “pro”

Friday Workout

Last Friday my car got towed because someone had ripped off the darn sign on my meter that read “Do Not Park Here”. Luckily, Lijen (thanks man) also drove so we rolled on down to the auto pick up place which was the start to a hellish adventure of beauracracy to get my car back. There is something about doing retarded stuff at 3 in the morning that actually started to make the entire night somewhat funny. Anyways, I’ll spare you the riduculous details of printing out numbered tickets and pointless phone conversations. Bt the end of the night, I had racked up $200+ in fines thanks to SFPD, had a great time for BLT’s birthday at DragonBar, and ate a wonderful pasta dinner with Andre and Cindy. Overall, a nice night.

Oh, and I visited IKEA this past weekend to pick this bad boy up. Laurie picked it. I like it.

New Lamp

Random Thoughts

So in a few months I will be turning 25. At that point, I think I might be one of the few 25 year olds, still living in the same room I grew up in… with the same bed, same parking spot, same alarm clock, etc. You get the picture. My practical side says that I have a sweet deal: independence (my parents don’t nag me at all), a short commute to work, and really low rent…. BUT my gut tells me: dayam kid you will be 25 and you are still living at home!? I think my gut is starting to win with that line.

On a random note, earlier today, I was sitting on my bed reading the latest copy of Business 2.0 that came in the mail and I noticed my lamp. (please keep your laughter to a minimum).

Bear Lamp

I have no idea when I got this thing… or even if it is mine… or why I have kept it in my room this long. Adding to my weekend to do list – Buy a new lamp.

Too Much Radio

For those that drive and listen to the radio on their way to and from work, I am beginning to realize how effective the commercials are. There is something that jingle writers have figured out to get these songs injected into your memory. In fact, I found myself actually singing along to the Bud Light commercial praising “Real Men of Genius.” The one I heard today was honoring the Indecisive Food Orderer Guy.

I admit though… they are pretty darn funny.

For those with more time… Enjoy them all!! (Warning! You may get these stuck in your head)

All in a week

A lot went down this past weekend. Ronni and Sheens have some great coverage. Here are some fun photos that don’t quite capture all the fun, but at least some of it…..

The floor 10 homies posing… kinda artsy? I shall call it “Girls in Hallways.” I’d come up with some symbolic meaning for Ronni, Sheens, and the walls but it was seriously a random picture.
floor 10 homies

’04 represent – Jose had a little too much tequila. Just kiddin. I think Ronni put it best.. we are family.
04 represent

35000 miles in the sky. I took this picture because I was bored. The in flight movie was sucky, and I think the guy sitting next to me was a little creeped out because I was trying a little too hard to watch the movie on his laptop.
35000 miles

The Chinatown bus ride home was not bad. I’m glad Laurie and Toby were with me. Toby, however, wasn’t so happy…
unhappy toby

A lot can happen in a week…. I’m just glad I got to spend it with some dope people.

Friday Nights

This past Friday I didn’t go to a bar, club, or movie theater. Instead, I found my old hockey gear (which smelled really bad BTW) and dug out my rollerblades out of the garage, and hit up Mitchell Park in Sunnyvale. Skating around reminded me of when we were kids rollerblading at night and searching for hockey pucks in the dark. Good times.

Here is a picture of Lijen and a half naked Alan. I fiddled with the lighting to make it more visible and I think the photo turned out pretty cool.
Mitchell Park