CPT Represent

AnnaMaL831 (8:14:06 PM): did young show the clip i had about the young girl from CPT who can beat box?
AnnaMaL831 (8:14:30 PM): keyword “CUPERTINO” … who would’ve know such ghettoness existed in cpt
chrlez (8:14:37 PM): hahahah
chrlez (8:14:42 PM): nope, i haven’t seen it
AnnaMaL831 (8:14:48 PM): email
AnnaMaL831 (8:14:50 PM): lemme send ova
AnnaMaL831 (8:16:52 PM): nm
AnnaMaL831 (8:16:53 PM): http://www.uthtv.com/umedia/show/252/
chrlez (8:18:17 PM): wtf!


To Drink or Not To Drink?

While waiting in line the other day to get a pearl milk tea from Fantasia, I started talking to Bert (who has officially become a Nor-Cal resident) about how many calories were in one of these pearl filled drinks. We didn’t come to any conclusive answer, but for those people that crave random trivia or always wonder “how many calories is in this thing”… read on.

I couldn’t find any published Fantasia nutritional facts online, but based on the various sources, it turns out that these pearl milk teas might have quite a few more calories than you would expect. According to Nutrition.com.sg, one of these drinks has 340 calories. While other sites neglect to say a specific number, they explain that the majority of the calories come from the following:

1. the milk which can ranges in calories based on what type: low fat, non fat, etc.
2. the pearls which may have 7-14 calories for each pearl!! (the number of pearls per drink ~ 30?)

Basically, with these figures, some sites claim that one drink can get upwards of 500-800 calories depending on the size.

Some more drink trivia:
Grande Caramel Macchiato w. 2% Milk – 225 Calories
Krispy Kreme Glazed Donut – 200 Calories
In-N-Out Burger Vanilla Shake – 680 Calories
Diet Dr. Pepper – 0 Calories