Island Hopping (2) – Kyoto

Kyoto was our first stop after Tokyo. We were only there for a few days but it was plenty of time to hit up some shrines and temples around the city. Whether it was towering arches, peaceful rock gardens, bright gold paneling, or a massive bamboo forest… each site was unique. More photos are posted here.

Here are a few things we learned in Kyoto:

  • The Shinkansen (bullet train) is seriously fast
  • Fresh mochi is really really good
  • You tend to spend a lot of Yen when making wishes at different shrines
  • Even if you lose your bus map, you can still find your way around Kyoto
  • McDonalds in Japan serves Shake Shake chicken which is not only delicious, but fun to eat

I Like Gold
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P.S. For those that have been following my “weekly” photo posting, you might have noticed that I didn’t quite make it. Today is the last day of the year and well… I clearly didn’t fulfill my “weekly” goal. Regardless, I am going to cheat and continue posting into 2010 until I get 50. Happy New Year!

Island Hopping (1) – Tokyo for a night

Just got off the plane… a little jet lagged from my 3 week long trip hopping islands in Asia. I am still on holiday so I’ll be taking some breaks to post more pictures. First island… Japan.

Things we learned on our first night in Tokyo:

  • The Japanese know how to make fried pork really really well
  • Izakaya = a bar/restaurant where you can eat/drink/hang out until the next morning
  • My Goh? (while pointing at yourself) = I am lost.
  • [Insert destination] doko? = Where is [desitnation]?
  • Yoshinoya is not as great as Jason claims it to be

Karaoke and Toast
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