Laundry and Cable Cars

I am starting to think the bi-weekly posting is working better for me. Here are two of my favorite shots this month. The first is from a laundromat just down the street. The second brings back memories from Hinckley. Something classic about cable cars in black and white…

The Laundromat
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California Avenue
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Happy Easter!

My mom is a FOB… a cool FOB though

If you can get me to sleep earlier, a true reward from mama shieh awaits you!

Subject: Could you try to sleep ealier 12 midnight instead of 2AM during weekend?

To see whether or not you can get better habbit. In result, to be healthier.

Also, if your roomate could change habbit since that might influce others (you) , I will give all of you reward by treating you a good meal.

Love mom