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Link Madness

I have recently discovered some really enjoyable and sometimes inappropriate blogs that you may enjoy…

Here we go: – need cheering up? this site will help… – hungry? don’t go here…. – nerds are cool – geeks are fashionable – more fashion for non-geeks

CharlesSpot Review: Ecco Shoes

I am no shoe person so to actually write this review should signal to you how PLEASED I am with my Ecco shoes. You might be wondering, “Charles, how do you know all Ecco shoes are good? Don’t you only have a single pair?

My answer to you is yes. You are absolutely correct; I only have a single pair. However, my experience with this particular pair so far has basically made me a lifetime customer. Unless my next pair somehow causes some rare ankle injury, I will remain an enthusiastic Ecco evangelist (if there was an evangelist program, I’d join…).

Pros: Comfort (I even wore these bad boys to work without socks one day because I just didn’t feel like wearing any…), Versatility (you can wear them to work, on the weekends, sport em at the club, or even.. wear them to fancy company holiday party), Need I add more?
Cons: Kinda pricey, I guess if you aren’t willing to drop $100+ on shoes, these kicks probably aren’t for you.

CharlesSpot Ratings – Eat Drink Man Woman

Overall a great movie.  It is one of the most memorable Chinese movies I have seen.  The cover brags that the movie has the same producer as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but the reality is that this movie has none of the typical Chinese stuff you see in the mainstream American media.  There is no Jet Li.  There is no Zhang Zi Yi.  Any yes Sharjeel, Jackie Chan isn’t jumping around and doing that weird neck dance that Chris Tucker taught him.  I guess that is what makes it so memorable.  If you want another rating, here is what Rotten Tomatoes has to say.

PROS:  Overall, I found the plot to be very entertaining.  I was even feeling a little emotional at the end.

CONS:  Don’t watch the movie if you are hungry.  The father in the movie is a chef so he makes some really good looking food…. which might actually make this a “pro”

CharlesSpot Ratings – El Amigo Burrito

Welcome to the first CharlesSpot Rating! There may not be a huge audience for my personal ratings, but I thought it would be a good way to keep track of places, movies, shows, etc.

El Amigo Burrito – w/ Lijen, Laurie, Bert, and Supriya

Overall: A little on the $$ side, but I would say they have the best enchiladas around the area. The place is a little too clean to be considered really great mexican food. To fight the high $$, Laurie suggests that you order side plates instead of the full dinner plate.

Pros: chicken enchiladas, enchilada sauce, fresh salsa
Cons: $$, no spectacular hot sauce