New York Day 2

Day 2 we ventured further south than yesterday and basically did a tour of Midtown. Here are the highlights:

– Had the Recession Special at Gray’s Papaya for lunch. Two frankfurters topped with crout, hot mustard, and ketchup is a good way to start the day. Plus it was only $3.50 (which included a soda btw) and Laurie was buying =).
– Picked up Les Mis tickets at the box office and walked through the Theater District.. saw a bunch of other shows that looked just as good but sadly we don’t have time to watch them all (not to mention the money for the tickets).
– Eventually ended up in Times Square. All I have to say is WOW. I can’t imagine how crazy it is there during New Years when the ball drops. Must be nuts.
– Walked East and ended up at Rockefeller Center. Outside skating rink.. cool. Outside skating rink in the rain… not as cool.
– Crossed Midtown to check out Fauchon (get some good sweets) but they were not where we thought they would be… all we found was a construction zone, a Ferrari dealership, and the BCG offices.
– Hit up the Apple store aka the “Cube”. I was blown away at how cool the darn thing is AND how many people were in there…
– Walked around the Time Warner Center. Laurie and I aren’t big shoppers so it wasn’t as cool as I thought it would be, but the architecture and walking there was fun. We think we might have passed a filming of Law and Order, but we didn’t see any of the regulars. On a tangent note, I like the “ding ding” sound that show has.
– Consumed the best cream puff ever at Payard… mmmm… the hazelnut cream was very excellent. A great way to end a busy day.
– For dinner we met up with Bryan, Lijen, Cho, Brad, Koo, Ching, and Caroline at John’s on 12th street. Pretty good chicken but nothing that blew me away.
– Headed back to Brad and Koo’s place to kick back, have a few drinks, catch up with folks, and chill. Good times. Half drunk around 1 AM, we decided to hit up the “barsington” at a nearby bar. All I have to say is that New Yorkers know how to stay up late. The late night snack at Ray’s Pizza was delicious. Not sure if it was the fact that I had been drinking or if the fresh mozzarella pizza was just that good.

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