New York Day 5

The theme of day 5 was eating. NON STOP EATING. Thanks to great recommendations from Grace and Norman, Laurie and I pretty much ate something every 45 minutes the entire afternoon. Here was our path of consumption:

РStarted the day at Cara Cas and had some killer arepas (these delicious Venezuelan sandwich like things) along with the BEST coconut milkshake that had little coconut chunks and a pinch of cinammon. We wanted to have the special Venezuelan style guacamole with chips but they ran out of chips so we had to settle for a basket of Teque̱os (deep fried cheese) instead. If you go to NY you must go to this place.
– Walked to the SOHO area and stopped at Cafe Habana to snack on some grilled Mexican style corn which is their specialty. The mix of cheese and lime on grilled corn is good. Trust me… or ask anyone from Mexico.
– Proceeded to our next eating spot – Joe’s Shanghai. Literally 30 seconds after we sit down, the waiter comes up to Norman and asks “how many dumpling you want” (in chinese though…) We hadn’t even looked at the menu at this point so we stumbled a little to figure out how he knew what the hell we wanted. The little dumplings were good… filled with pork juice, just the way I like them. I think the waiter was slightly disappointed when we only ordered 1 order but he had no idea this was already snack #3 for the day.
– Topped off our meal(s) with some dessert at the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. Laurie got a scoop of ginger while Norman got almond cookie. I mouched off both of them while we walked northwest to meet up with Lijen.
– Took a shopping break in SOHO at Yellow Rat Bastard where Laurie wanted to get some discount shirts and sweaters while Norms and I checked out some cool t-shirts.
– Met up with Lijen who was working in some hidden coffee shop with free internet and headed to Magnolias to grab a few cupcakes. Not bad… but nothing special. If I was craving cupcakes though, I’d go back.
– Headed to Madison Square Garden to watch the Knicks play an exciting game against the Magic… sadly they threw it all away in the last minute. MSG was pretty sweet with a classic look. You can definitely feel the history in there. Plus we got to see the New York City Dancers which included one of the girls trying out to be a Pussy Cat Doll.
– After the game, we finished the night at a 24 hour restaurant (I don’t remember the name, and I’m not so sure it had an English one) in Korea town which physically is more like Korea street. I wonder if all the Koreans in NY flocked to K-street and went crazy when Korea did really well in the World Cup…

For our second to last day in NY, I think Laurie and I spent it pretty wisely. I’ll post about the stressful Day 6 later. Also, pictures to come.