Friday Workout

Last Friday my car got towed because someone had ripped off the darn sign on my meter that read “Do Not Park Here”. Luckily, Lijen (thanks man) also drove so we rolled on down to the auto pick up place which was the start to a hellish adventure of beauracracy to get my car back. There is something about doing retarded stuff at 3 in the morning that actually started to make the entire night somewhat funny. Anyways, I’ll spare you the riduculous details of printing out numbered tickets and pointless phone conversations. Bt the end of the night, I had racked up $200+ in fines thanks to SFPD, had a great time for BLT’s birthday at DragonBar, and ate a wonderful pasta dinner with Andre and Cindy. Overall, a nice night.

Oh, and I visited IKEA this past weekend to pick this bad boy up. Laurie picked it. I like it.

New Lamp