All in a week

A lot went down this past weekend. Ronni and Sheens have some great coverage. Here are some fun photos that don’t quite capture all the fun, but at least some of it…..

The floor 10 homies posing… kinda artsy? I shall call it “Girls in Hallways.” I’d come up with some symbolic meaning for Ronni, Sheens, and the walls but it was seriously a random picture.
floor 10 homies

’04 represent – Jose had a little too much tequila. Just kiddin. I think Ronni put it best.. we are family.
04 represent

35000 miles in the sky. I took this picture because I was bored. The in flight movie was sucky, and I think the guy sitting next to me was a little creeped out because I was trying a little too hard to watch the movie on his laptop.
35000 miles

The Chinatown bus ride home was not bad. I’m glad Laurie and Toby were with me. Toby, however, wasn’t so happy…
unhappy toby

A lot can happen in a week…. I’m just glad I got to spend it with some dope people.