Random Thoughts

So in a few months I will be turning 25. At that point, I think I might be one of the few 25 year olds, still living in the same room I grew up in… with the same bed, same parking spot, same alarm clock, etc. You get the picture. My practical side says that I have a sweet deal: independence (my parents don’t nag me at all), a short commute to work, and really low rent…. BUT my gut tells me: dayam kid you will be 25 and you are still living at home!? I think my gut is starting to win with that line.

On a random note, earlier today, I was sitting on my bed reading the latest copy of Business 2.0 that came in the mail and I noticed my lamp. (please keep your laughter to a minimum).

Bear Lamp

I have no idea when I got this thing… or even if it is mine… or why I have kept it in my room this long. Adding to my weekend to do list – Buy a new lamp.