The Best Job in the World

My coworker sent this to me yesterday which I thought was brilliant.

What you get:
1. Airfaire. They get you there and send you home.
2. 3 bedroom house. Wonder if you could get roomates…?
3. 6 months of activities. i.e. snorkeling, kayaking, taking lots of pictures…
4. $150,000 AUD which translates to $99,870 USD according to Google.

What you have to do:
1. Explore and post Basically do fun stuff and then post and talk about them.
2. Feed the fish. I had a goldfish before. This shouldn’t be that hard.
3. Clean the pool. Probably the crappiest part of the job…
4. Collect the mail. Who knows, the mail-woman might super hot and smart…

Not bad for 6 months of your life…

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