Jamba Problem

As many of you know, I don’t drink juice. It makes me nauseous. There are a few exceptions to the rules… one of them being Razzmatazz from Jamba Juice. I started drinking the Razz back in the day even before Jamba Juice was named Jamba Juice. Here in Cupertino, it was called Juice Club before it was renamed by the Jamba crew. Anyway, this was back when there were only 5 flavors or so. I remember they had regular blenders that would get stuck trying to blend the damn drinks so they would have to bust out the wooden spatula to human assist. I don’t remember how old I was when I first ordered it… not really sure I understand what my younger self was thinking… but I figure it must have been hot and I probably was thirsty as hell.

Today… it was hot and I was thirsty as hell. I just got out of swim practice at Stanford and cruising down Embarcadero.

Problem 1) The parking lot entrance was under construction. Looping back wasn’t easy because Embarcadero goes under Alma. Turning around made me feel like I was a mouse in a maze trying to find the cheese. Feeling at this point: Kinda Annoyed

Problem 2) A women in her large SUV parks right next to me making it VERY difficult to get out of my car. She comes out and watches me tenderly open my door (while probably eyeing if I hit her car) and apologizes… she didn’t realize how close she was. I smile and brush it off looking at her rear right tire which is completely in my parking spot. Feeling at this point: Really Annoyed

Problem 3)
I got stuck with a runny Razzmatazz. I knew instantly that they screwed up because when I picked up the drink it was moving way too much. Did they stinge me on ice? or frozen fruit? CRAP. At this point, I even considering returning it but the line had become really long. I then considered throwing it away but talked myself out of it because of all the trouble I went to get it. The entire time I faced problem (1) and (2) I was thinking how nice a “shakey” Razz (you know, when you take a sip, the drink actually stays in the straw) was going to be. Feeling at this point: Not Happy

To top it off, there was no new episode of Heroes today. What a Monday…

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