Happy Birthday Toby

Toby's Birthday

Today, Toby celebrated his 2nd birthday. Laurie invited her coworker over with her dog Snuggles to celebrate and open presents. Here is the rundown of what Toby got:

– A superman shirt
– A cool bird toy attached to a stick (so that you can swing it around)
– A plastic ball with a bell in it
– A stuffed turtle toy that squeaks when you squeeze it
– A stuffed mouse toy with a bell on its tail
– A new collar and tag etched with the word “Toblerone”
– AND an Apple Dog Cake and cookie from Five Paw Bakery

Here are some fun photos of Toby and Snuggles from the party.

Some Romance Tips from Mrs. Shieh

As you know, I get some awesome emails from my parents. Here is another great one from my mom especially targetted at you ladies out there =).

Subject: Soem tips in newlife.com
My friend Rony foward me the newlife.com with following. Perhaps you already know, but it sounds interesting for some of the Hot tip topics. I think it’s quite interesting and useful for your reference.

There are a few topics such as:
10 Tips for Finding Friends
10 Tips for Finding Mr. Right
10 Tips of Healing Broken Families and more of others.

Steps and example (for woman only due to majority of emails I sent).
In Browser, type: newlife.com
Look at Hot Tip Topics
Right click (selection) of 2nd row: Relationships
Select: 10Tipc for FInding Mr. Right

My comments for abvove article:
I like the following (see Note) “Get a life” for this article. Also, item 6 “blind date” or item “7” I have heard a lot these days and sounds interesting and that will provide more sources to experiment, compare. Frankly, similar ideas have been for more than 30-40 years ago, the difference is that we did not have Internet before and because the Internet, it is so popular now but need to be cautious and use the good reputation one.

“Model yourself after women you admire. Learn to be happy with yourself, first. No man, no matter how right is going to make you happy. You will only be happy in your new relationship if you are happy inside first. ”

Enjoy reading


Why Bankers are Bankers

Read this in the NY Times today about Goldman…

The Goldman Sachs Group reported today that it earned $9.34 billion this year, the most in Wall Street history, and that it would set aside $16.5 billion for salaries, bonuses and benefits for employees.

That figure works out to an average of $622,000 for each employee, although the payouts will be far from uniform: the investment bankers at Goldman who arrange mergers and acquisitions or sell corporate stock to investors will receive much more, and support staff and other kinds of employees much less.

$622,000 is the AVERAGE?!!! Holy jeepers Batman!

Action Packed Weekend

Friday: After work I drove up to Jack London Square with Christina (who started blogging again! woo hoo!) and some Berkeley pals to chow down on some Chicken & Waffles (aka. a heartattack on a plate). Luckily, I was startving and nothing hit the gut better than 1/2 chicken (2 drumstricks and 2 thighs) and 2 waffles. After gaining 5 pounds, we went back to our old stomping grounds and had a few pitchers at Raleighs. Good times… not so good looking girls for Yuta…

Saturday: Laurie and I got all dressed up and went to the Computer History Museum in Mt. View for the Intuit holday party. Free food, open bar, and some dope coworkers… who could ask for a better party. Sadly I don’t have any pictures from the “bougie” (vocab I learned from Ronni) event, but my “Back In Black” coworker has a couple of himself, his nice pink tie, and my new blogger friend. I do however have plenty of pictures from Suede where we celebrated some birthdays later in the night. Again good times…

Sunday: I was a little slow the entire day. Thank goodness for cable television and football.

Soundtrack To Your Life

Don’t you ever wonder what life would be like if there was a soundtrack to it? Or… what if life was a musical instead. All conversations would essentially include some sort of catchy chorus (and maybe throw in a dance or two). How crazy would that be? Next time you are at work in a meeting, think about it…..

I know my life soundtrack would include a lot of Jack Johnson for those lazy, sunny days, some hip hop for nights I feel like partying, and maybe some classical stuff while at work… What would be on your soundtrack?

Also for your viewing pleasure, I added some galleries with some recent photos.