Some Romance Tips from Mrs. Shieh

As you know, I get some awesome emails from my parents. Here is another great one from my mom especially targetted at you ladies out there =).

Subject: Soem tips in
My friend Rony foward me the with following. Perhaps you already know, but it sounds interesting for some of the Hot tip topics. I think it’s quite interesting and useful for your reference.

There are a few topics such as:
10 Tips for Finding Friends
10 Tips for Finding Mr. Right
10 Tips of Healing Broken Families and more of others.

Steps and example (for woman only due to majority of emails I sent).
In Browser, type:
Look at Hot Tip Topics
Right click (selection) of 2nd row: Relationships
Select: 10Tipc for FInding Mr. Right

My comments for abvove article:
I like the following (see Note) “Get a life” for this article. Also, item 6 “blind date” or item “7” I have heard a lot these days and sounds interesting and that will provide more sources to experiment, compare. Frankly, similar ideas have been for more than 30-40 years ago, the difference is that we did not have Internet before and because the Internet, it is so popular now but need to be cautious and use the good reputation one.

“Model yourself after women you admire. Learn to be happy with yourself, first. No man, no matter how right is going to make you happy. You will only be happy in your new relationship if you are happy inside first. ”

Enjoy reading


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