It is cold

My dad says I am too soft to live in Ohio because I have been spoiled by California weather. He is absolutely correct. Is it just me or is it literally bone chilling cold these past few nights?

On a more random note, here are some other things that I noticed this past weekend that may be of interest to you movie buffs out there.

1. Did you know that you can now rent DVDs at.. Safeway? They have these cool automated machines that dispense new DVD releases. James and I checked it out this past weekend and get this.. your first rental is FREE! Just use the promo code “DVD123.” It is perfect for renting movies that no one else wants to watch with you. For instance, we got Da Vinci Code (I think we were the only ones that hadn’t watched it in Cupertino..) and Accepted (Did you know the main character is the Mac Guy?).

2. Did you notice that Bond drove some Ford? Granted his other car was sweet… but it is just doesn’t seem right.

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