Why would you do that?

I’m not sure if you heard about OJ Simpson’s book (that apparently is no longer being printed) about how he “would” have killed Nicole and Ronald Goldman. He apparently did it for the money but it still just doesn’t make sense to me. Part of me feels bad for OJ, but it just seems like a poor choice of judgement. Then again… maybe OJ just doesn’t make great choices period…

I still remember how surprised I was in 8th grade when he was declared not guilty. Mr. Wishnack specifically brought in a tv to watch the verdict and once it was made, all the junior high kids went nuts. Do you remember where you were when this man was set free?

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One thought on “Why would you do that?”

  1. I was in 8th grade science class. It was the one day the entire year we got to watch TV in class. Right after the announcement, class ended and all these kids were running around the halls screaming that OJ wasn’t really innocent. Ahhh, white kids.

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