Getting Fitbit

Samir and I purchased new Fitbits to track our activity throughout the day. It was a little pricey but I was interested in checking out my “analytics.” Before you make fun of me, here are a few things that I have discovered since October.

1. I seem to be a lot more active when I’m not in school, but I am still ranking in the 76% for “activity.”
2. I’m more active on Wednesday and Thursday… I suspect BHP and C-Functions are to blame.
3. I’m a lazy slob on Sunday.
4. I tracked my sleeping for a week back in January and I wake up typically 8 times at night. I stopped because it was just too tedious to enter my sleep hours everyday. I disregarded one night where I woke up 66 times… btw, it isn’t what you think.

The Fitbit is a bit difficult to keep up with though… entering food, sleep, exercise, etc. all manually is a bit painful. I have yet to try the iPhone app which might make this slightly easier. Also, wish I could bring this bad boy into the pool… Overall though, it is a pretty cool gadget. Geek pride.

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