Plugging Back In

Back in Rome … the last week has been a blur with Tuscany, a little bit of Venice, and the Amalfi coast which = good food, monuments, more good food, and amazing art. I am first to admit that I went through some slight internet withdrawl. Crazy how much I rely on the internet.

I hate to admit it but I think I am officially sick of Italian food. Looking forward to some ramen, pho, kung pao chicken, burritos, curry… pretty much anything. Don’t get me wrong, we have been very blessed (or tainted, depending on how you view it) by amazing food here, and I will miss it.. but like all things, I’ve reached my limit.

Anyway, we fly back tomorrow morning. More trip details, more food details, and photos all to come later. I’m simply too pooped at the moment.

Buonasera! Actually, for those folks on the west coast, it might actually be morning… so Buongiorno!