I’m not your Yaar!

I recently got an email from Lijen which stated that he had joined some social network called Yaari.com. Unfortunately, Lijen never actually wanted to send these emails and had no idea why they were being sent. What he found out totally pisses me off. After your register on this website and agree to their Terms of Use, they essentially will notify ALL your contacts. For example, if you use Gmail, every single random person you have interacted with via email will get notified… your friends, your parents, your grandparents, random Craigslist people… you get the idea. Lijen has since changed his password as well as deleted all of his Gmail contacts to prevent this from happening again.

Straight from their registration page:

By registering for Yaari and agreeing to the Terms of Use, you authorize Yaari to send an email notification to all the contacts listed in the address book of the email address you provide during registration. The email will notify your friends that you have registered for Yaari and will encourage them to register for the site. Yaari will never store your email password or login to your email account without your consent. If you do not want Yaari to send an email notification to your email contacts, do not register for Yaari.

These guys clearly don’t get the crappy user experience they are creating and as a result, I am flaming them. I usually don’t get this fired up, but this is just retarded… not to mention wrong.