I am convinced

Dear Michael Moore,

To give you some background… I come from an upper-middle class family who hasn’t really seen the negative aspects of the US health care system. I have always (and continue) to go to my family doctor of 10+ years, Dr. Yeh, for ALL my medical needs. He has been very good to my family and I appreciate everything he has done to keep my family healthy. I have always been covered by some shape or form of medical insurance and have never had to worry about paying off medical bills. I have been lucky and as a result, have never questioned the system I have come to rely on.

After watching your new movie Sicko, I am convinced that the current US health care system is broken and needs to be addressed. Your movie brought up interesting stories as well as gave me some perspective on how other countries have attacked the same problem. I found it very one-sided, but your proof points made sense and are hard to argue against. I still would like to understand the negative aspects of universal health care programs and a better understanding of the impact it would have on my paycheck, but all in all, I am convinced. We should have universal health care; we just need to figure out how to implement it the best way.