What Color?

Thought this email from my dad was pretty interesting. If you have an preference on color, I think he is currently taking votes.

My dad’s initial email

Hi all,

I like to order this hat for me. Please pick a color.



My mom’s response

I like cream/sand (3rd one) NOT tan/everest.
Reason: better color to match all color of shirts. It is for summer so
ligter one is better.
Hope you won’t look “funny” when you wear this kind of hat.
You could check with your beloved daugher and son.

4 thoughts on “What Color?”

  1. I also like the cream/sand one, though I guess it looks a little Indiana Jones. The cream/coffee one is good too, except for that wack trim. Happy Sunday afternoon adventure!

  2. I vote for either lavender/grape or primrose/lavender. Your dad may not get any points with your mom but he will get street cred. Dip-set!

  3. omfg my mom has the same hat hahaha

    o btw the copy of the art of happiness you have is lijen’s

  4. Thanks for your recs… my dad ended up going with the Chaparral/ Evergreen. BTW, he also gave me a heads up why the hat is so good. It is made of ultra-lightweight sun protective fabric which blocks some large % of UV rays.

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