Stupid Ideas

Here are some stupid ideas that may one day turn out to be not so stupid… probably by a long shot. Anyway, this is the kind of stuff that I have been thinking about recently because Laurie has been busy with work and class and Toby isn’t that great to talk to…

Idea 1: You might have heard me talk about this one before but I seriously think it will be a multi-million dollar drug industy some day. Something that prevents Asian glow. I have seen girls discreetly swallow a Pepcid AC prior to drinking. Plus, I turn red after half a sip of beer so I would a big consumer.

Idea 2: Netflix style magazine subscriptions. Sometimes, I only want to read a specific magazine for a particular month instead of subscribing for the entire year. I know you can buy them at the news stand, but the cover prices are ridiculous. There has got to be a better way to get only the issues you want, without having to buy each one individually.

Idea 3: Networked laundry machines. Who carries around $5 of quarters anyway? I know that there are machines that take cards, but why not just hook it all up to the internet and accept credit cards? Hell, I bet it sucks to empty out all those machines anyway and bring it to the bank to exchange all the quarters for cash. Everyone is a winner!

Idea 4: Similar to Idea 3, networked parking meters. Berkeley would be a great place to pilot this type of meter. Half the meters are already broken anyway… might as well replace them with technologically superior ones. Sad thing is that I think the city actually likes issuing all those parking tickets as a source of income…

Ok, I’ll stop now.

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