Some Great Shows

Here are some pretty awesome TV shows that I have enjoyed and/or checking out. I thought I’d just throw them for anyone with some spare time and a Tivo handy (or a Bittorrent client).

One I’d be surprised you haven’t heard of…
Heroes – Hands down the best show on television at the moment. (Technically, it isn’t on right now, but it will return on Jan. 22nd). If you read comic book when you were a kid or have a secret desire to be a super hero… this is your show.

One you probably haven’t heard of…
Man Vs. Wild – Watched this at Eiki’s the past weekend and it is just a cool show. Norman first introduced the show to me, and I was instantly hooked. Basically, it is about a guy named Bear (ex-british intelligence agent) who gets dropped off in some remote area (i.e. the Moab Dessert, the Alps, the Pacific Ocean…) and he has to find a way back to civilization. Sounds silly and a waste of time, but when you watch him kill a rabbit with an Indian throwing stick (basically a hard stick…), build a raft to get off an island, and pee on a shirt and wrap it around his head to stay cool… you will get hooked.

One I’m waiting to check out…
Meerkat Manor – Jason recommended this show. It basically follows a family of meerkats that live on the edge of Africa’s Kalahari Desert that share all the love, squabbling, self-sacrifice and rivalry found in any family home. (Ok.. I copied that from Amazon, but to be honest, I’m not really exactly sure what the hell the show’s about…)

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