CharlesSpot Review: Ecco Shoes

I am no shoe person so to actually write this review should signal to you how PLEASED I am with my Ecco shoes. You might be wondering, “Charles, how do you know all Ecco shoes are good? Don’t you only have a single pair?

My answer to you is yes. You are absolutely correct; I only have a single pair. However, my experience with this particular pair so far has basically made me a lifetime customer. Unless my next pair somehow causes some rare ankle injury, I will remain an enthusiastic Ecco evangelist (if there was an evangelist program, I’d join…).

Pros: Comfort (I even wore these bad boys to work without socks one day because I just didn’t feel like wearing any…), Versatility (you can wear them to work, on the weekends, sport em at the club, or even.. wear them to fancy company holiday party), Need I add more?
Cons: Kinda pricey, I guess if you aren’t willing to drop $100+ on shoes, these kicks probably aren’t for you.

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  1. i credit myself with first introducing charles to the wonderful world of footwear. hope you’re still sporting your diesels, buddy

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