Google Sucker

I realized today that I am a Google sucker… they pretty much own a good portion of my life (at least the data part that is). I took a look around this morning at what I was spending my time doing and I have subconsciously allowed Google to infiltrate my life. Here is my breakdown:

Email: I use gmail and don’t plan on changing any time soon. It is a little scary how Google owns all of my emails on their server and are parsing them to potentially figure something about me that I didn’t even realize.

Calendar: I don’t use gcaledar that much but I do have a few events on their. I use it mostly to keep track of my personal life rather than work, but again, they might have some ape pattern recognition running to figure out what particular activities I enjoy and who I do them with…

Groups: cptfunclub is pretty invaluable these days to keep up with the folks from cpt… and how else would it be possible to share stupid video links and talk trash at work.

Search: a no brainer and now throw in desktop search WITH the Google sidebar.

Reader: My chosen blog RSS reader… to keep up with the fast lives of many of my friends.

Analytics: Just installed this morning to track how little traffic I get to my site…

Maps: another no brainer… although, I do like Yahoo’s new beta. Google Earth is amazing BUT I never really use it.

Pictures: Picasa is pretty awesome. It works for me.

How much of your data does Google own?

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