Man’s Best Friend

This weekend Laurie flew off to Las Vegas to have a fun time with her friends from Berkeley. As a result, I have had the luxury of dog-sitting Toby for the entire weekend. I have figured out why dogs have become man’s best friend and the answer is simple. This guy is ALWAYS excited to see me. Who wouldn’t like that! He wags his tail furiously when I get home, when I throw his toys around, and even when I wake up. This guy just doesn’t care that.. well… I just am not that exciting. Makes me feel like I live a “happenin” life.

Also, here are some great pictures from the Sharks game that Laurie got me tickets to. Go Sharks!

start of the game
You can see the players skating around after coming out of the shark head…

final score
My boy Cheechoo scored a friggin hat trick this game. That beast.

happy after the win
Happy that the Sharks won. Had a great time.. thanks Lars!