Turning Right… or not

It has already been a few months since my right turn signal started blinking twice as fast as my left turn signal. Since this wasn’t the first “issue” i’ve had with the Blue Stallion, I didn’t really make anything of it. Recently, my coworker Eddy pointed out that the reason it was blinking fast was that one of bulbs was probably broken…and sure enough, my front right turn signal wasn’t working.

This got me thinking… the front right turn signal is the most useless light on a car. Here is my analysis: (BTW, this is my justification for not fixing it)

A main headlight goes out: you’ll notice at night
A taillight goes out: you’ll get pulled over
Rear left turn signal: merging
Front left turn signal: unprotected left turns
Rear right turn signal: lane changing
Front right turn signal: ???