Linked and Loaded

I know the picture above is somewhat lame, but I figure I can easily change it so I’ll do it when I get some more time. I have finished hooking up the links on the page as well as iintegrating the gallery (kinda.. the pictures don’t quite fit and the icons don’t match the site, but I am working on that). Enjoi.

2 thoughts on “Linked and Loaded”

  1. Your website is awesome. Laurie’s bday pictures are cuute, Normz especially likes the one where Albert is wearing james’ hat and has his arm over James’ shoulder. haha. Good times =) Hope you and your lady are doing well =)

  2. Hi Charles! Tell Laurie HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like you’re having a great time in Cali. Well Benson and I are holding it down in HK too ^_^ Miss you! -Sohee

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