Halloween 2009

I love Halloween. This year, I was able to attend two bumpin parties… kinda. Tammy, thanks for the party hook up and Eiki/Lu/Lauren/Nat, thanks for “bringing” me along for the ride. I had a fantastic time. Party 1: Location: SF Costume: Dr. Horrible Party 2: Location: Some mansion in East Palo Alto Costume: Stick head … Continue reading Halloween 2009

Have An Egg-cellent Free Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year. In honor of this glorious day, more great email advice from Mama Shieh. Subject: (Important) – when you are attacked by “Egg” during night while driving If there are eggs throw on your cars while you driving during night, Please do not use the water … Continue reading Have An Egg-cellent Free Halloween

Halloween 2005

I learned something important last night: Halloween parties are so much more fun with costumes. You might be thinking “duh charles, you idiot” but in all of my 23 years of trick-or-treating I never really took costumes that seriously. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes good friends and a keg is all you need, but Halloween … Continue reading Halloween 2005